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Revolutionize your asset retirement workflows with Prædicō, and get more done with the experts at Closure Advisory Services at your back!


The ultimate asset retirement toolbox, from prioritization to programming. Assess wells by the thousands using automation to do more with less.
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Closure Advisory Services

Advisory and project management services. From providing you custom analysis, to backing you up when needed, to managing your corporate ARO on your behalf.
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Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) made easy.

With Prædicō in your front pocket, and Closure Advisory Services in your back, you can see immediate improvement in your ARO metrics.
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Your business is production;
restoration of idle sites is ours

When an oilfield asset has reached the end of is useful life, there is no reason to keep it around. It costs money to keep, and puts you at unnecessary risk of something going wrong. Unfortunately, it also cost money to get rid of, but as an industry we have an obligation to retire these sites and assets. This obligation, and direction from shareholders, the public, and the regulators, means that ARO (asset retirement obligation) spending is required in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan as a recurring cost of business.

Enter Closure.

Closure is devoted to empowering industry to returning all oilfield sites to their original state at the end of their useful lives. Budgets for this work are tight, so its time to work smarter. Closure Advisory Services is an expert consulting group ready to cater to your every ARO need, and Prædicō is a suite of software tools designed to capture every efficiency we can to streamline the process.

Your business is production, ours is restoration. Leverage our specialized tools and expertise.

Together, with Prædicō we can get the most out of your ARO budget!

Empower your team with Prædicō or leave your  annual program to Closure Advisory Services.

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Our Leadership Team.

We've drilled wells, produced them, and put them to bed. We know your pain, and are passionate about making your life easier.

ARO made easy.
Albert Lee
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Albert is a professional engineer with 25 years in the upstream oil and gas industry.  Throughout his career he has gained multifaceted experience in drilling, completions, workovers, optimization and abandonments.  In each of his many and diverse roles he always found success in embracing technology to drive efficiencies.  By applying a systematic approach combined with industry leading data analysis, we can eliminate the mystery around "how big of a liability do I actually have?"

Les Kende
Executive Chairman
MBA, P.Eng
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Les is a professional engineer and finance professional with more than 25 years in the upstream oil and gas industry. Over the course of his career, he has contributed to the energy value chain from production engineer to strategy at the executive level and investment banking advisory.  Industry has always put it efforts into building up production and cash flow, but Les has seen tremendous damage to valuations due to the accumulation of liabilities. Les got an early personal impression of the problem while standing on a suspended wellsite that had eroded the side of a coulee. 

Scott Pincock
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Scott brings over 20 years of Oil and Gas experience in finance. Over the past decade he has completed the successful start, capitalization, and eventual sale or restructuring of multiple corporate entities. Before white collars and boardroom politics, Scott’s passion and respect for the energy industry began working as a Roughneck drilling oil and gas wells for Jomax and Precision Drilling.

Jim Wilson
VP of Business Development
BA in Awesomeness
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Jim excels in product management and marketing, consistently driving market expansion and brand establishment.  He is a results-driven, values-focused sales leader with a distinguished career in building high-performing teams and driving consistent revenue growth. With over two decades of experience, Jim has a proven track record of exceeding sales targets through innovative strategies and exceptional team leadership.

Alex Cook
Director of Innovation
M.Eng, MBA, P.Eng, PMP
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Alex is a professional engineer with 15 years of experience in developing data driven tools.  In a data-rich environment like oil and gas, that means getting your data to work more so that you can work less.  Alex has worked in rural Alberta, the head-offices of Calgary, and internationally for both producers and service companies.  Wherever he goes, he works to maximize efficiencies, from tracking pipeline failures, to creating tools to write workover programs and designing predictive models for artificial lift.  Alex is using data to help create a more sustainable oil industry.

Our Partners.

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Why should you assess the well risk before choosing the wells for your current program? 

Site-specific knowledge empowers planning to set priorities and manage costs. Prædicō automatically ingests available data to provide an entity-specific risk analysis, intuitively color-coded to differentiate low risk from high complexity.

Where do I start with Closure? 

Send us an email here

I’m looking at an acquisition, can I just send you a well list? 

Yes, we can get a good head start with just the well list based on publicly available data. We'll work with you to design a program to meet your objectives.

What is involved in restoring a site?

If there is a wellbore on the site, it will require plugging, which will prevent any potential for methane emissions or groundwater contamination. The surface area then needs to be reclaimed to regulatory standards. Grounds will be re-seeded and re-contoured as required. Any pipelines and processing facilities will also be isolated or removed. 

What is involved in a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)?

An ESA Phase 1 is required regulatory filing before operations can commence to restore a dormant site. It involves the review and assessment of historical documents and current site conditions, as well as consultation with the occupants and previous operators.

If there has been any contamination on the site or other conditions considered by regulators to be potentially hazardous, an ESA Phase 2 will be required. Site investigations, sampling and documentation will build on the ESA 1.

Closure can help you plan and execute ESA 1 and ESA 2 programs.

What is an “LMR” number? 

The Liability Management Rating (LMR) number is the regulator-attributed estimate of costs to restore the wells and sites of producers. Amongst other measures, regulators use a ratio of a producer's assets divided by a total of what the regulators deem to be their liabilities to assess the health of companies.  

Can I license your Prædicō software? 

Yes it's available.  Send us an email here to request a demo.

What if we want to use our services list to do the work? 

We know that companies often have preferred vendor lists. Our project management professionals can certainly work with your vendors. Alternatively, you may choose to make the most of our great relationships with our trusted service providers.

How can you help with site restoration budgeting for next year, next quarter?

We take pride in creating a trusting partnership with our clients. Helping you plan and prioritize your site restoration budget for a quarter, a year or beyond is what we do.

Send us an email here to set up a time to get together.  

We don’t have any staff for this, can you provide a Turn-Key option? 

We can manage closure projects from start to finish, complete with final regulatory submissions. End-of-life asset restoration is our focus. 

Why is there a period at the end of closure.

Every site has its own story with a beginning, middle and end. With Closure it's the end of the story, period.

Let's chat ARO!

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