Advisory Services.

We specialize in asset retirement, so you don’t have to.

Closure Advisory Services is a team of Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) specialists.  From engineering to environmental, we've got your ARO needs covered.


Closure can leverage Prædicō's Analytics Engine to investigate and assess any well list in Western Canada:

  • Liability Assessment - Know your sites before you buy/sell/restore
  • Risk Assessment - Identify complex sites, or routine ones, to plan your program
  • Custom Analysis - We've got the data. Let us know what you need and we'll run it for you
Turn-Key Restoration Services

Closure is your trusted partner for every stage of site restoration, including:

  • Assessment
  • Site Selection
  • Budgeting
  • Execution
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Trust us to know what to do and to do it!

Plug & abandon, ESA1, ESA2, Remediation, Reclamation, Monitoring, or Reporting, we can meet you where you are in the process and take it from there.

If you need an expert opinion, we're here to help.

If you need us to manage your entire ARO program, we're here to help with that too.

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We are the asset retirement experts.

Our experts from Closure's Advisory Services built their knowledge and experience into Prædicō, creating a toolbox to improve the asset retirement workflow in every way.

Now we're making it available to you!


Prædicō provides site-specific, actionable, analytics in seconds – for every well in Western Canada.


Prædicō guides you from prioritization to programming, converting data into insight, and minimizing surprises.

Expert ARO Experience

Closure Advisory Services uses Praedico to deliver safe, compliant and predictable results to save you money.

Customer Wins.

Closure is your trusted ARO partner.

Know before you go 

A client started in on an abandonment program in a non-core area. Their team was stretched and details were missed.

The well was in an oilsands area, requiring a non-routine application for plugging.

They incurred $30,000 in unexpected standby charges.

Prædicō flags oilsands and gas migration areas, so you can plan ahead, minimizing extra costs.

Acquire with confidence 

Acquisition deal evaluations are hyper-focused on asset value. Liability assessments can either be an afterthought or a complete show-stopper.

Traditional liability assessment is labor-intensive and cumbersome with results that can stand between a good deal and a terrible deal.

Closure was engaged to provide a pre-acquisition liability assessment that:
- provided site-specific insights
- strengthened the acquirer's negotiating position
- underpinned the acquirer's confidence

Hit your marks. 

Quotas and deadlines can sneak up on a company. A compliance problem can have long-lasting effects on a company's ability to produce or acquire.

We can deliver when it's crunch time. Our Prædicō software allows us to respond to 'rush jobs' with efficiency and great service.

Make the list, check it twice

Our client sent us their list of 10 wells planned for plugging and abandonment. Prædicō showed that the candidate list contained several complex wells and that their plans probably exceeded their budget.

Closure helped them build a budget-appropriate list.

Let's chat ARO!

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